three years

It is coming to the end of my time in Illinois. Three years ago, I came here in the throws of the breakup of a thirty year marriage. The marriage was breaking apart for many years. It's too bad
that I didn't know many of the things that I have learned in the last three years about myself and
about the interactions of certain relationship.

I now have a better understanding of what I could have done for myself and for the relationship.
I can now see much of my own part in the problems. And worked through some of that.
I don't know if Peter had to look back on his part. He was in a place to move nicely into his next relationship and a marriage.

Now, I am going back to Oregon. It is time to live in the house that has become mine.
And hope to see the people that I have grown fond of in Illinois. And I would like see, face to
face, some people that I have met online.

I would also like to travel to some places with friends.

I can't talk about love. Language can not describe it.
But, I sometimes see it, and feel it. Alive and living in the living of moments.
Sometimes I must decide to get past myself, and just open my heart.

Lighten the Load

The best way to start giving things away. Is a little at a time.

And if there is another person to help you, even better.

You can decide what is going where, and the other person can
label it, or put in in a bag that is labeled.

Having another person there can be a great support.

Yours, Mine and Ours, Post 2

I realize that when people are young, they are just starting to gather things. To collect and store and use.
But, then comes a time of realization. There are things that need to go.
And oh, how difficult it can be.

First of all, It's work.
Looking at each thing. Experiencing the memories.

However. Letting-go is part of life.

And we do it every day, without even realizing it.
There are things that we will never do again, or even think of again.

To make things easier. Think twice before keeping or buying things
at the old gift shop.  The rose from the prom, the Christmas cards from friends.
The thing, whatever it is, from the Great Aunt.
Don't you dare stick them in a drawer or closet.
Go through the mail before setting it down.

Did your husband keep his tux, uhhuh... get rid of the dress.
Well...maybe not.

But, It's gotta go sometime.

Every stinking thing that you bring into the house.
Will eventually leave the house.

Some people are into keeping stuff.

But for those that would like to sort it out,
I would like to share some tips...  to be continued.

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