The Usual

People often look at their usual surroundings and the brain no longer takes the time to really study their surroundings in a new way.
Piles of books, their clothes, the furniture, house, land, collections, and all the other things which they surround themselves, become the usual.
The way that we do things in our usual surroundings can becomes the usual way. The usual way begins to be what is, and this keeps us from seeing or doing in another way. We stop doing things outside our usual.
However if one makes a habit of going through things. A person then thinks about what is there, and makes room for some new growth. It keeps the mind a little more active and aware.
It's good to take stock of what we have and pass some things along to others, make into rags, find another use, or throw away.
It's good for people to go through all their things now and again. Get some help where needed.
For those that have had to clean out someone's house after they have died or are no longer able to take care of their belongings. You probably understand that what a person keeps and how it is kept can eventually become someone else's responsibility.
There are many good reasons for going through things and keeping them fresh and useable. People don't need to get overly weird about it. Just now and then take a look at the usual.

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